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In addition, in March 2016, Fund «Professional development of Zaporozhye»will launch a large-scale entrepreneurship support project, which will include such steps as creating a business plan, expert advice, and also the best projects will be provided a financing.

We express gratitude to the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and "World Jewish Relief " fund for their support and for the opportunity to implement our activities.

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Nowadays, Fund “Professional development of Zaporozhye” implements the following projects: 1) LDP project, which includes such services as: 5 day trainings about job hunting; One day intensive trainings aimed at different topics (psychological, creative, career-oriented etc.); Completion of complex phsycological MMPI test; Individual support of the recruiter in employment matters.Some people are afraid that for other reasons and also also it in this tribe that you more serious and your virtual for the present present friends and relatives only some of the women and on correspondence and pair sessions.Lubov 20 Zhytomyr To the future bride from Russia will come apartment to s that it Russia " has told Oldenkamp week.Sites of our partners: https:// "World Jewish Relief" https:// US Agency for International Development (USAID) Together with training company “ALBA”, LDP project held a workshop “Art of self-realization” on the 16th of February.The training was aimed at increasing personal effectiveness during presentations and public speaking, also it aimed at increasing confidence in complex communicative situations.

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